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Our History

Great Grandma and Grandpa Sterett homesteaded on Bachelor Prairie, Washington, in the early 1900's after emigrating west from Nebraska. It was a frugal life with a lot of hard work to put food on the table for the family.

Then in 1927, Grandma and Grandpa Sterett moved to the current Sterett Bros Ranch outside Davenport, Washington, which is still third and fourth generation family owned and operated. Four generations of farming & ranching has provided a lot of insight into what it takes to grow a premium agricultural product!

The "home place" is still an operating cattle ranch, and our family has been growing hay for over 100 years, starting back before mechanization, when a good team of work horses such as "Champ", "Nig" and "Dolly" were a valuable possession - and men were "real" man and shocked hay by hand! But with the changes that have taken place in the agricultural industry in recent times, approximately 7 years ago we diversified a bit and began to sell some of our "Sterett Mix" hay in Western Washington upon request.

Things just continued to grow from there and pretty soon we were trucking over Timothy, Alfalfa, and Orchardgrass from Eastern Washington, in addition to the Mixes, and we opened up our Woodinville location.

We like having a personal, long-term relationship with our clientele. It is challenging, but very satisfying, to find just the right flavor for the "picky-eater" or "easykeeper" and keep that in mind as we plan the growing strategy for the next year's crops!

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